About me

The cost of beauty

I've always been attracted by beauty.
Younger, it was my top priority. With time and experience, I've noticed; "beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."
Knowing who I am and being kind is beautiful and sexy, on the other hand, feeling attractive makes me more charming.
I'm here to offer the same to others.

Year after year, I educate myself about the best practices in the beauty industry. I'm obsess about efficiency and precision and will continue to deliver high quality in my PMU business.

My vision

I believe we all deserve to feel great about ourselves regardless of your age. Each one of my service is customizable to your features and taste and it miroirs the possibility of diversity.

When a client smiles after a treatment
looking at herself in the mirror,
I feel like I helped a little bit.

Core values


We could make a difference one action at the time to minimize our carbon footprint. For us, it starts with reducing our consumption of single use products without compromising safety.


Keeping ourselves educated is our way to make sure our skills are up to date.


Uniqueness is a strength when you accept and utilize your differences. There is always a space for diversity with us.


We want you to be 100% satisfied, 100% of the time. That's the goal



I got a lashlift and I now ditched my mascara. I love it!!


I really like to color of my lips and how defined they are now that I got a lip blush. Thanks Maryse!


Maryse made me look younger, my lips are now full of life and seem more volumious, thanks.

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